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HANUS COMPUTER PARK prepress services are digitally & web based, providing customers with highest quality proofs while reducing prepress production time.
We teamed up best in class Creative artists, graphic designers, illustrators and innovative technologies to create ground-breaking and as per requirement designs for clients & customers on time.


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This Press is the largest commercial printer and allied services company, with multi color web and sheet fed presses. Press employs state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians. Press prides itself in creating customized solutions for clients over a long term by allocating permanent resources for them. The company offers a range of printing services covering sheet fed and web offset printing, automated binding, finishing and distribution management – all under one roof. The unique one stop shop structure and meticulous attention to detail and quality has made it the Press of choice.


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After printing, the product is given its finishing touches such as die cutting, embossing, foil stamping or window patching. Lamination is another possibility. Lamination is available in both gloss and matt finish.The postpress process gives the product its final look. The printed sheets are folded and glued so we get the final look of printed product.

Other Services

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